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Recycling Locations


The following are the currently serviced bin locations. See map.

Baylor Main Building (One Baylor Plaza; (713) 798-4826)
There are approximately 40 paper/cardboard and eight aluminum/plastic blue collection bins within BCM Main. Bins are labeled for paper/cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles or laboratory plastic made from no. 5 plastic. Recycling must be sorted and free of contamination. Unsorted recycling goes to the landfill.

Anderson Building (corridor G)
Paper/cardboard bins: basement and subbasement
Industrial paper shredder in subbasement; call (713) 798-6448 to use

Alkek Building (corridor N)
Paper/cardboard bins: by elevator, basement, and floors 2-16
Plastic and aluminum bins: between Alkek and DeBakey elevators in basement

Ben Taub Research Center (corridor G)
Paper/cardboard bins: by elevator, floors 2-9

Cullen Building (corridors A and E)
Paper/cardboard bins: by Credit Union in basement
Plastic and aluminum bins: Luby's and near A101

Jewish Institute for Medical Research (corridor D)
Paper/cardboard bins: by elevator, basement, and floors 1-9
Sorted plastic, aluminum and tip boxes for recycling can be delivered to 527D.
Plastic bags are available for collecting recyclables in 527D.

Margaret Alkek Biomedical Research Building (corridor R)
Plastic and aluminum bins: in walkway from Cullen, 1st floor

Michael E. DeBakey Center (corridor M)
Paper/cardboard bins: by elevator, floors 2-7
Plastic and aluminum bins: 3rd floor near the Coffee Corner, and in the basement between DeBakey and Alkek elevators

Smith Research Wing (corridor S)
Paper/cardboard bins: outside near entrance into BCM from garage 6

McGovern Campus (Nabisco; 2450 Holcombe; (713) 798-4951)
Paper/cardboard bins: by loading dock

McNair Campus (7200 Cambridge St.)
Paper/cardboard bins: by loading dock

Jamail Specialty Care Center (1977 Butler Blvd.; (713) 798-4951)
Paper/cardboard bins: by loading dock

Family and Community Medicine (3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 600; 713-798-1079)
Plastic, and aluminum bins: Main Kitchen
Paper: Mail room


Commitment to Sustainability


Learn more about our current sustainability programs that aim to conserve, save energy and money.