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What is Telemedicine?

This is an online appointment that will allow you to connect with your provider either via phone or via video. A video appointment is just like "face-timing" with your provider. For a phone visit, your provider will call you on your preferred phone number. You can participate in this visit from the comfort of your home. You may be able to obtain all the needed treatment without leaving your home. However, be assured that if your provider identifies the need for you to be seen in person - for example to do a physical examination, to run tests, to give you medications etc., we will schedule to see you in clinic after the online appointment. This telemedicine visit will make your visit in clinic much shorter and will help keep you safe.

Please Note: The phone calls and video will NOT be recorded, and we have taken all appropriate steps to keep all discussions private and confidential.

How to make the most of Telemedicine care?

  • Make sure you have downloaded the required software and your audio/ video connections work for the video appointment. 
  • Make sure you are in a quiet room where you are comfortable talking to a provider
  • Be on time for your scheduled phone call/video
  • Speak clearly and talk slower than you would in person
  • Create a list of your questions ahead of time and make sure you ask the provider all of the questions you have
  • Make sure you understand all the next steps after your telemedicine visit. For example: Do you need tests? Do you need medications?
  • When the provider has completed the visit, and you have no more questions, you can hang up the phone call/end the video 
  • If the provider recommended that you come to the clinic to get tests, medications etc, make sure you do so.

How to Make an Appointment

  1. Call the clinic nearest you.
  2. Tell the staff what you want to address during your visit.
  3. Set up a reminder so you don’t miss the appointment!
  4. Please apply for Your Texas Benefits at
    or you can call 1-877-541-7905. Please bring reference/claim number with you on the day of your in-person appointment. 

Consent Forms


Consent forms are available in both English and Spanish. For your convenience you can print out and complete forms prior to your appointment.


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