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Physician Assistant Fellowship


A Message From the Director


Thank you for your interest in our program. Our goal is to provide outstanding postgraduate training for PAs in emergency medicine. During training, fellows are integrated with both staff PAs and physician residents. The strength of our program stems from the close relationship we maintain with the Physician Residency Program. PA fellows will attend all didactic and procedural training required for all EM Residents.

Our primary practice site is Ben Taub Hospital, a level one Trauma Center located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. Ben Taub is a 650-bed hospital with over 100,000 EC visits per year.

I hope the information on this website is helpful. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions.

Eric Martinez, MPAS, PA-C
Director, EM PA Fellowship


About the Program


We are committed to provide excellence in emergency medicine education, research, and medical service to our patients and community.

Program History

Since 2010, Emergency Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine has offered a one-year EM Fellowship for physician assistants. Building upon PA's generalist medical education, the fellowship will enable physician assistants to become an integral team member in the specialty field of emergency medicine. The fellowship is a complement to Baylor's Emergency Medicine Residency. Our program gives each fellow the necessary skills to work competently and efficiently in every aspect of emergency medicine.


Prepare physician assistants for a career in emergency medicine as competent, highly functional members of the emergency healthcare team.

Provide physician assistants with further education, specialized clinical and professional experience that distinguishes them from non-specialty trained PAs.

Prepare physician assistants for the Emergency Medicine CAQ Exam.




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