Office of Student and Trainee Services


Under the leadership of Director, Dr. Lindsey Minter the Career Development Center offers an extensive portfolio of services to support all students and trainees at Baylor College of Medicine as they transition to the next phases of their career.

Training, Resources, Connections

We work with students and trainees from all Baylor programs to support them in preparing for the next phase of their career.

The Career Development Center complements Baylor College of Medicine’s academic mission by providing the necessary training, resources and connections for students and trainees to achieve their professional goals and develop meaningful careers.

We utilize a holistic approach to career decision-making and strive to work with students and trainees from their initial entry into Baylor College of Medicine through graduation or the completion of a fellowship.

We provide individualized career coaching and work in collaborative partnership with school and program leadership, academic departments, alumni and employers to deliver inclusive programming.

Our services are guided by the following core elements and foundational learning goals:

Utilize tools to identify skills, strengths, interests and values and explore how these influence the career-decision making process.

Career Exploration and Planning
Discover diverse career opportunities and resources needed to successfully navigate the evolving health sciences landscape.

Refine oral presentation skills to effectively communicate across disciplines and to diverse audiences.

Understand the importance of building sustained professional relationships and develop action plans to grow existing networks.

Application Material Creation
Recognize the characteristics of effective job application materials and construct sector and employer specific resumes/CVs and cover letters.

Comprehend the elements of effective interviewing and professional etiquette and participate in experiential learning activities designed to enhance these skills.

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Individual Career Advising


Students and trainees may utilize career advising services through the Career Development Center at any point during their tenure at Baylor College of Medicine. These one-on-one, individualized and confidential appointments may address any of the following:

  • Skills, interests and values clarification
  • Career path information and resources
  • Resume/CV and cover letter preparation
  • Career planning and goal setting
  • Job search assistance
  • Networking strategies
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal statement writing
  • myIDP interpretation
  • Funding opportunities
  • Oral presentation skills development

Career & Job Transition Planning beyond Graduate School - Workshop series for Ph.D. students


This interactive workshop series (offered 3x/annually February – March, June –July, October – December) is designed to encourage proactive career planning, facilitate job search skills development and provide exposure to diverse careers in science. The series begins with an introduction to self-assessment. Using various tools and resources, participants identify and clarify strengths, interests, skills and values necessary to inform the job search and career development process. Participants are then introduced to diverse careers in science. Through the completion of activities and assignments, participants further explore the range of career opportunities and develop skills to network with professionals in these respective fields. The class concludes with a peer mock interview session and instruction on effective interviewing techniques. For more information or to register visit our Career Planning page.


Mock Interviewing and Oral Communications Skills Coaching


Effective communication is a critical skill that requires continuous development. To further refine these skills we offer various opportunities for students and trainees to work individually with a counselor or in small peer groups to practice their oral presentation skills and receive critical feedback in a supportive environment.

The center offers you assistance in preparing for the following:

  • Interviews
  • Job talks
  • Conference presentations
  • Networking introductions

Residency Mock Interview Program for MS-4's


To further prepare MS-4’s for residency interviews, the Career Development Center partners with the School of Medicine’s Student Affairs each fall to sponsor a mock interview program.

Through this program, students will have the opportunity to select their desired time slot via an online registration system. The center will ten collect the students’ CVs and personal statements and distribute them to their assigned faculty interviewer. On interview day, students are instructed to dress as they would for their residency interview. Each interview is conducted by a volunteer faculty member with a Career Development Center counselor serving as an observer. Upon completion of the 20-minute interview, students are briefed on their performance and provided constructive feedback. Additionally, students are afforded ample opportunities to have all questions related to the residency interview process addressed. Program dates, including sign-up instructions are advertised through the School of Medicine's Student Affairs listserv.


Teamwork Skills for Career Success


All Baylor students are invited to participate in Team Launch. Join this innovative, interdisciplinary program to learn, implement and demonstrate team-based skills critical to career success in healthcare and science.

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