COVID-19 Response

Access our COVID-19 Response homepage, with more information and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, including what to do if you’re experiencing symptoms.

School of Health Professions

Resources for Current Health Professions Students


Confidential Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution


The Ombuds Office is a confidential, informal, independent, and neutral place to discuss concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and increase skills regarding communication, negotiation and problem solving. You may reach out to the Ombuds Office as a first step, a last resort, or at any point along the way. You may also reach out anytime you would like to discuss something confidentially and aren’t sure where to go.

Additional resources for support with personal and interpersonal challenges are available on the Living Our Values website.


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Be Social

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Don’t miss the latest announcements, events, deadlines or the latest in research and news. Connect with the college on social media


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Emergency Notification System

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In the event of an emergency, the Baylor community is notified via our website, the employee information line at (713) 798-4444, and through social media and local news channels. Emergency information will also be shared through the Baylor Emergency Notification System (ENS) as needed. To keep your information updated, visit the ENS site (login required).


Teamwork Skills for Career Success


All Baylor students are invited to participate in Team Launch. Join this innovative, interdisciplinary program to learn, implement and demonstrate team-based skills critical to career success in healthcare and science.

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