School of Medicine

Peer Resource Network


The Peer Resource Network is the student-led mentor program at Baylor College of Medicine for incoming first-year medical students to assist them in transitioning to medical school. Each first-year student is placed in a group with nine or ten other first years and two MS2, two MS3 and two MS4 medical student mentors. The PRN leaders guide the new students through orientation week and lead the Transitions to Medical School course during the first three weeks of school to promote not only academics but also physical, emotional and mental wellness.

After the first few weeks of school, the PRN leaders continue to support their PRN group by providing breakfast once a week for their first-year students and organizing social events (dinners, game nights, intramurals, etc.) throughout the year. Beyond scheduled events, the PRN leaders also make themselves available to meet with students one-on-one and give guidance if students find themselves having difficulty adjusting to medical school.

The MS2 class coordinator is chosen by the rising class of MS2 PRN leaders and continues in this role during his or her MS3 and MS4 years. The class coordinator is “in training” to lead the orientation retreat and the PRN program during his or her fourth year of medical school. He or she is expected to attend all three retreats while holding the class coordinator position and is responsible for organizing the MS2 PRN leaders for the at-Baylor portion of Orientation Week and overseeing fellow MS2 PRN leaders throughout the year during his or her MS2 year. The class coordinator also assists with the interview and selection process for new PRN leaders in the spring and helps train new leaders.