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The Student Senate of the School of Medicine is the official representative body of all medical students at Baylor College of Medicine. The Student Senate is a confederation of two co-chairs, two co-vice chairs, officers of every class, PRN coordinators, and Squad representatives. Any and all medical students are welcome to participate in every Senate activity.

The Senate co-chairs, who are both MS4 students, are the official representatives of the Student Senate to the faculty, administration, and wider BCM community. The co-chairs coordinate but do not direct student activities. They facilitate communication among various student groups and encourage cooperation with faculty and administrators.

The Senate co-vice chairs (MS3s) act in the chairs’ absence and perform duties as assigned in the Student Senate Constitution.

Each medical school class is organized within the Senate to serve as a means of presenting class needs and opinions to the administration, faculty, and the Senate. A class president, vice president, treasurer and class programming chair will be selected in elections coordinated by the Senate vice chair. A dean in the Office of Student Affairs may determine if a student may not run for or hold a position in the Senate, a class, a Squad, or on any committee of the College.


2020-2021 Officers


Student Senate Representatives


Peer Resource Network (PRN) Coordinators

4th-Year 3rd-Year 2nd-Year
Courtney Sullivan Ashley Pollicelli David McDonald

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