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About the Baylor Medicine Spine Center


At the Baylor Medicine Spine Center in Houston, Texas we specialize in the comprehensive clinical treatment of patients with all spine disorders. To deliver the best in patient-centered, evidence-based care, we bring together a highly experienced team that includes neurosurgeons, neurologists, experts in interventional pain management, orthopedics, and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Through this multidisciplinary approach to care, we are able to provide our patients with surgical and non-surgical treatment options tailored to their specific needs.


Comprehensive Spine Care


You deserve care that’s unique to your needs. At the Baylor Medicine Spine Center, we create a treatment plan that draws from our professional experience, our collaborative nature, and our motivation to drive medical advancements. As a Baylor Medicine patient, you’ll have access to exclusive clinical trials, the latest spine procedures, and the brightest minds in medicine—all working together to provide you with more options and the best results.

At the Spine Center, we are dedicated to empowering patients by not only addressing physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional well-being. As a patient, you can expect your care team will:

  • Use state of the art imaging and diagnostic tools
  • Make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan
  • Establish prevention protocols to inhibit further damage or pain
  • Arrange outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation services
  • Provide access to the latest in spine and pain treatments including clinical trials
  • Be available for second-opinion consultations
  • Consider your emotional and mental well being and provide access to behavioral treatment and psychotherapy specialists
  • Use telehealth to deliver care when and where appropriate for your safety and convenience

Conditions Treated


We treat the varied and complex problems that are associated with the neck and back.


Services and Treatments


Rest assured that when you seek care at Baylor Medicine’s Spine Center, you’ll have access to the most advanced, evidence-based surgical and non-surgical treatments available.

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