Nuo Li Lab



Progress in science is increasingly driven by sharing data. Our lab is a part of the Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) initiative that promotes data standardization in neurophysiology.

A tutorial on writing neurophysiology MATLAB data into NWB2.0

We attempt to make all data available soon after publication. We also publish scripts that demonstrate how to use the data. In some cases, scripts that generate figures in the papers are also published. The following datasets are currently available from

alm-1 (anterior lateral motor cortex 1)
Dataset from Li N, Chen TW, Guo ZV, Gerfen CR, Svoboda K, (2015). Nature 519(7541):51-56.

alm-3 (anterior lateral motor cortex 3)
Dataset from Li N, Daie K, Svoboda K, Druckmann S, (2016). Nature 532(7600):459-464.

alm-4 (anterior lateral motor cortex 4)
Dataset from Gao Z, Davis C, Thomas AM, Economo MN, Abrego AM, Svoboda K, De Zeeuw C, Li N, (2018). Nature 563(7729):113-116.

Hardware design files and software from Hao Y, Thomas AM, Li N #, (2020). Elife, 2021. May 4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.66112.