Xaq Pitkow Lab



Journal Articles


Pitkow X, Liu S, Angelaki D, DeAngelis GD, Pouget A (2015). How can single sensory neurons predict behavior? Neuron 87(2): 411–423. doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2015.06.033.

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Pitkow X, Sompolinsky H, Meister M (2007). A neural computation for visual acuity in the presence of eye movements. PLoS Biology 5(12): e331.


Conference Papers


Pitkow X (2012). Compressive neural representation of sparse, high-dimensional probabilities. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. (4-minute version)

Pitkow X, Ahmadian Y, Miller DK (2011). Learning unbelievable probabilities. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.


Book Chapters


Pitkow X, Meister M (2014). Neural computation in sensory systems. (To appear in The Cognitive Neurosciences V, MS Gazzaniga & GR Mangun eds., MIT Press.)

Pitkow X (2011). What is an image? In Elkins J, Naef M (eds.) What Is an Image? (160–161). Penn State University Press.