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Yi Li Lab



Novel LGR4 Oncogenic Signaling in Breast Cancer Progression and Metastasis
#R01 CA204926 - Grant funding from NIH

ALK and TGF-Beta Resistance in Breast Cancer
#BC142202 - Grant funding from DOD-CDMRP

Beyond Apoptosis: Bcl-xL in Breast Cancer Metastasis
#BC151736P1 - Grant funding from DOD-CDMRP

The cell of origin of breast cancer metastasis
#R21CA202227 - Grant funding from NIH

Intermittent Ruxolitinib to Target STAT5 Activation for Breast Cancer Prevention
#P50 CA186784 - Grant funding from NIH-SPORE

Jak2-Stat5 Pathway Blockade To Prevent Breast Cancer
#IIR12223625 - Grant funding from Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Ruxolitinib for Preventing Breast Cancer in Women on Neuroleptics
#R01-CA205594 - Grant funding from NIH

LGR4 in Breast Cancer Progression and Therapy
#BC160240P1 - Grant funding from DOD-CDMRP