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Alone, one gains neither wisdom nor expertise. Only by working closely with those who share their experience can graduate students and postdocs hope to fulfill their goals of research and mission of clinical benefit. The mentors of the CDD are committed to working with and teaching their proteges. Learning from others requires more than mastery of technique; it includes an inquiry to the why and not just the how of things. Implicit in this mindset is the realization that the pursuit of scientific research is not a matter of following of techniques as much as it is a philosophical inquisition.

Perhaps an example will best illustrate: It is not enough to know how a cell meets its demise through apoptosis. Why do some cells die via a set of programmed instruction? Can one discuss the benefits of the many over that of the one in cellular terms?


Work With Us!


We present a list of opportunities with faculty members associated with the CDD. Find one who shares your interests, or challenge yourself to approach work that isn’t in your ken but nonetheless that you can significantly add to by bringing your specific, complementary expertise to the field. For a complete list of faculty associated with the CDD please see our Research Laboratories page.

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