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Volume 1; 2021

  • 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Obesity prevention among Hispanic fathers and children
  • Study examines link between sleep and obesity in children

Volume 2; 2020

  • Understanding Children’s Growth Patterns During The School Year And Summertime
  • Scientists Create ‘Epigenetic Couch Potato’ Mouse
  • The Role Of Parental Perception Of Child’s Weight

Volume 1; 2020 

  • Shaping Your Child’s Eating Habits
  • Study Highlights Importance of Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition
  • DNA Could Help Diagnose Birth Defects Caused by Maternal Diabetes

Volume 2; 2019

  • Researchers Examine Obstacles To, And Motivation For, Physical Activity Among Adults And Children
  • Study Helps Determine Best Feeding Method For Low-birth Weight Newborns
  • Study: Adding Milk Powder To A School Meal Increases Cognitive Test Scores In Ghanaian Children

Volume 1; 2019

  • Study Digs Deeper In To Mobile Health To Help Prevent Obesity
  • Regulating Asprosin Levels Might Help Control Appetite, Weight
  • Iron Deficiency Study

Volume 2; 2018

  • Research Offers Information On Role Vitamin D Plays In Type 2 Diabetes
  • Noninvasive Device To Estimate Fruit And Veggie Intake Can Be Important Research Tool
  • Study Shows That Parents Use Many Strategies To Encourage And Discourage Their Children's Physical Activity

Volume 1; 2018

  • Study Examines Association Between Sleep And Weight In U.S. Preschoolers
  • A Tale Of Two Fats
  • Researchers Work On Developing Tomatoes That Withstand Harsh Conditions
  • Peer Mentors Can Effectively Enhance School-based Obesity Intervention

Volume 3; 2017

  • The Role Of Acculturation In Weight Gain For Asian American Children
  • Rap1, A Potential New Target To Treat Obesity
  • The Fight Against Childhood Obesity Turns To Video Games?

Volume 2; 2017

  • National School Meal Programs Provide Important Daily Nutrition
  • Factors That Affect Eating Behaviors Among Food Pantry Clients
  • Celebrating The Career Contributions Of Dr. Michael Grusak

Volume 1; 2017

  • Born To Run? Study Suggests Love Of Exercise May Start In The Womb
  • Study Shines More Light On Importance Of Parental Feeding Styles On Obesity
  • Nancy Butte Makes Impactful Contributions To Maternal And Children’s Nutrition

Volume 2; 2016

  • Childcare Facilities Should Do More To Promote Physical Activity For The Young
  • Study Shows Television Reduction Program For Latino Preschoolers Is Effective
  • Research Focuses On Increasing Nutritional Quality Of Plants
  • Researchers Find Improved Outcomes In Premature Infants Who Are Fed An Exclusive Human Milk Based Diet

Volume 1; 2016

  • CNRC Researchers Find Link Between Sleep Disruption And Obesity In Mice
  • Summer Camp For Overweight Kids Shows Long-term Success
  • Gut Microbiome Composition Helps With Understanding Of Chronic Abdominal Pain In Children

Volume 3; 2015

  • Action Plans In Video Games Help Increase And Maintain Fruit And Vegetable Consumption
  • Study Shows Mothers’ Weight Before Pregnancy Impacts Children
  • A Surprising Role For Estrogen In Male Body Weight Regulation
  • Apples And Cooked Oatmeal Linked To Better Diet Quality

Volume 3; 2015

  • Action Plans In Video Games Help Increase And Maintain Fruit And Vegetable Consumption
  • Study Shows Mothers’ Weight Before Pregnancy Impacts Children
  • A Surprising Role For Estrogen In Male Body Weight Regulation
  • Apples And Cooked Oatmeal Linked To Better Diet Quality

Volume 2; 2015

  • Which Factors Have An Impact On Obesity Among Hispanic Children?
  • Researchers Find Coronary Artery Calcification In Obese Youth
  • Study Shows Accuracy Of A Unique Method To Measure Energy Expenditure
  • Study Shows Epigenetic Changes Can Drive Cancer

Volume 1; 2015

  • Study Finds School Lunches From Home Not Up To National Standards
  • Importance Of Proper Nutrition And Care During Teenage Pregnancy
  • Narrow Window Exists For Successful Recovery Of Muscle In Malnourished Infants
  • CNRC Administrator Honored For Dedication Upon Her Retirement

Fall 2014

  • Maternal Nutrition Before Pregnancy Leaves Permanent Marks On Child’s Genome
  • Revisions To Dietary Reference For Caloric Intake In Preschoolers
  • Experts Provide Input On Effectiveness Of Exergames
  • Lessons Learned At CNRC Have Global Impact

Summer 2014

  • Mothers With Unresolved Childhood Trauma Show Blunted Amygdala Response To Infant Distress
  • Understanding Why Americans Are Not Adhering To Dietary Guidelines
  • New Lipid Formulas Prevent Liver Disease In Piglets
  • Role Of Parenting Style In Child’s Weight

Spring 2014

  • More Sleep Part Of The Prescription For Obesity Prevention In Children
  • Extra Serving Could Contribute To Extra Pounds
  • School Children Experience Weight Gain During Short Summer Months
  • Female Mice Who Are Overfed As Infants Become Couch Potatoes—for Life

Winter 2013

  • Advancing the understanding and treatment of malnutrition in Africa
  • Web-based Intervention Designed By And For Teens Is Effective
  • Study Shows That Children Tend To Follow Their Mother’s Lead At Dinner Time
  • DNA Methylation In Embryonic Stem Cells Turns Genes On

Fall 2013

  • Researchers Study Anti-obesity Potential of SRC-1
  • How Cooking and Preparation Impact Benefits of Blueberries
  • Study Shows Low Levels of Vitamin D in Hispanic Infants
  • Kamp K’aana Leads to Reduced Body Fat, Improved Quality of Life

Summer 2013

  • Pediatric Obesity Intervention Program Feasible in Primary Care Clinics
  • Study Explores Relationship Between Excess Body Fat and Demographic Factors in Children
  • Brain Cell Response to Gut Hormone Fine Tunes Stomach Emptying
  • Parenting Behaviors Can Influence a Child’s Eating Behaviors Through College

Spring 2013

  • Study Finds Disparity in Access to Healthy Foods
  • Lunches From Home Lacking in Healthy Offerings
  • Researchers Take Important Steps in Understanding the Physiology of Breastfeeding
  • Studies Provide Important Findings on Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Fall 2012

  • Grant Opportunities for Innovative WIC Nutrition Education Projects
  • Study Seeks Solutions For Lack Of Participation In School Breakfast Programs
  • Study Points to Nutrition’s Role in Disease Treatment
  • Researchers Address Role of Functional Foods in Promoting Good Health
  • CNRC Director Offers Perspective on Food Safety in the United States

Summer 2012

  • Tool Helps Women Stay Within Ideal Pregnancy Weight-gain Range
  • Active Video Games: Do They Increase Physical Activity in Children?
  • Researchers Identify Behaviors Associated With High Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Children
  • Removing Receptor for “Hunger Hormone” Keeps Aging Mice Lean

Spring 2012

  • What You Eat Before Conception May Affect Your Infant
  • Study Finds No Downward Trend In Nutritional Value Of Broccoli
  • Study Offers Understanding Of Belly Pain In Children
  • GENETICS: The Link Between Rare And Chronic Diseases

Winter 2011

  • Impact of Dr. Samuel Fomon’s Research Can Be Seen at CNRC
  • Dinnertime Observations: Parents’ Behaviors May Play a Role in Obesity
  • Study Verifies ‘Recipe’ for Recovery From Malnutrition
  • Lecithin Component May Reduce Fatty Liver, Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Fall 2011

  • Training the Next Generation of Scientists
  • Walking School Bus Program INCREASES Children’s Physical Activity
  • Schools Use Software to Give Parents Power in the Cafeteria
  • Video Games: Useful Tools for Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Summer 2011

  • Researchers Study the Long-term Effects of Parenteral Nutrition
  • New “MyPlate” Icon Reminds Americans to Make Healthier Food Choices
  • DHA Supplementation in Mothers Has Positive Outcome in Infants
  • Increasing the Accuracy of Percent Body Fat Determinations in Young Adults
  • U.S. Children Meet Nutrient Requirements, but Over-supplementation Could Be a Concern
  • Commercials Can Influence Children’s Vegetable Preference

Spring 2011

  • Researchers Develop New Method for Measuring Energy Expenditure
  • The Role of Parenting Practices in Children’s Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
  • CNRC Expert Provides Input on New Calcium and Vitamin D Recommendations
  • Prenatal Nutrition Permanently Impacts Human Epigenome
  • New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Winter 2010

  • Fruit and Vegetable Availability and Consumption Among Low-income Hispanic Families
  • CNRC Food Drive Benefits Local Families
  • Healthy Breakfast Still the Best Way to Start the Day
  • Improving Preterm Babies’ Health by Understanding Feeding Intolerance

Fall 2010

  • Wealth of Nutritional Information at Your Fingertips: CNRC Nutritional Information Online
  • CNRC Researchers Strive for Success As Dietary Recall Enters Computer Age
  • Improving Child Health in Developing Countries
  • The Role of Glucose During Pregnancy

Summer 2010

  • Encourage a Positive Self-Image To Keep Kids Active
  • Boy Scout Badge Program Teaches Healthy Lifestyle
  • Aerobic Exercise Has Lifelong Impacts
  • CNRC Puts Focus on Environment Through Recycling Efforts

Spring 2010

  • Americans Not Consuming Enough Dairy to Meet Nutrition Requirements
  • Understanding Parents’ Role in Increasing Physical Activity in Youth
  • Research Defines Cellular Protein’s Role in Fat Cell Formation
  • Summer Camp Brings Improvements in Self-esteem and Weight