MRU Investigator Application Request


The MRU Protocol Application form is included in this hyperlink, as well as required training in research modules for study investigators and staff.

Review Process

  • All scheduling of these resources will be required to comply with the scheduling process of the MRU. 
  • The BCM IRB approved protocols are reviewed on a rolling basis. The principal investigator must allow at least two weeks for review and potential approval.
  • Upon approval, a notification will be sent to the principal investigator and all MRU core service directors whose services were requested. 
  • Prior to scheduling participants, the principal investigator and/or study coordinator must meet with the appropriate MRU and Core staff to review the protocol and discuss study procedures with the MRU personnel.
  • Draft orders must be submitted by the Principal Investigator prior to this meeting for review, and feedback. 

Access Questions


For scientific inquiries on the use of core services and grant applications, contact the MRU Director Dr. Fida Bacha, M.D. or Administrative Assistant Lizzet Vasquez; phone 713-798-7083.

Projects requesting the use of the MRU or EMU services must be routed through the CNRC administrative office for cost estimates. Contact Regina Davis.