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Services & Instrumentation


Genomic Resources


C-BASS houses several whole-genome libraries. Individual library clones may be delivered as glycerol stocks or in other formats (e.g., DNA/virus). For availability of clones for your gene(s) of interest, please send your list of genes (official gene symbols only) to c_bass@bcm.edu. For pricing information, please visit our fees page or contact us. For common library-related questions such as sequence maps and primers, please visit our see details here.

Whole-genome Human Lentiviral CRISPR gRNA Library
Pre-made LentiArray CRISPR gRNA vectors (see details here) are available. Please contact us at c_bass@bcm.edu for details. In addition to the pre-made CRISPR guide library, we also offer CUSTOM CRISPR vector construction and efficiency verification services (see below for details).

Whole-genome Human and Mouse shRNA Libraries
The human and mouse mir30-based lentiviral GIPZ shRNA libraries contain ~140,000 and ~90,000 individual shRNA clones respectively targeting the entire human and mouse genome. shRNA positive control clones (GAPDH and EG5) and negative control clones (non-silencing and empty vectors) are also available. Please visit the GIPZ Lentiviral shRNA Libraries website for details.

Human Kinome and Phosphatome shRNA sub-libraries are available. Please contact us for assembling custom shRNA libraries, such as those that target a particular signaling pathway or activity. In addition, a pooled human shRNA library has been generated in house, which enables pooled RNAi screens.

Whole-Genome human and mouse cDNA libraries
The Human ORFeome 8.1 collection is the Gateway-compatible human ORFeome library created by the Center for Cancer Systems Biology of the Dana-Farber Institute and contains >17,000 clones that represent >12,000 genes. These open reading frames (ORFs) (native stop codons removed) can be easily shuttled into Gateway-compatible destination vectors either individually or as arrayed libraries in multi-well plates. Please visit the for more information.

The Mouse MGC cDNA Library contains mouse MGC cDNAs (IRAV+IRAW). Please see the Mammalian Gene Collection website for more details.


sgRNA/shRNA-Expressing Cell Line(s) and Lentiviral Stocks


The C-BASS core will establish cells (provided by the user) that express the shRNA(s) of interest (from the shRNA collection). Lentivirus can be made by the C-BASS core for sgRNA, shRNA, or a construct of your interest.


Sub-library Assembly, DNA Purification, and Viral Production in 96-well Format


C-BASS houses several automated workstations (Beckman Coulter) for 96-well format liquid handling, e.g., automated manipulation of in vitro and culture samples, as well as nucleic acid purification in 96-well format. Custom sub-libraries can be generated based on our shRNA. cDNA, and gRNA collections.


CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing services


In addition to the pre-made LentiArray CRISPR gRNAs (see details here), we also offer CUSTOM CRISPR vector construction and efficiency verification services.

C-BASS is also equipped to work with investigators to further isolate, verify, and analyze CRISPR KO/KI clones using a variety of cell types.


Sub-library Assembly, DNA p\Purification, and Viral Production Using Automated Workstations


C-BASS houses several automated workstations (Beckman Coulter) for high-throughput liquid handling. These robotic platforms allow for automated manipulation of in vitro and culture samples, as well as nucleic acid purification and manipulation in 96-well format.

Our lentiviral production and tissue culture pipeline facilitates the utilization of our lentivirus-based shRNA and gRNA collections as custom sub-libraries that can be generated based on the individual needs of the investigator.