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Instrumentation Fees


Internal Baylor Cost

Aria assisted sorting

$115 per hour

Aria unassisted sort peak

$60 per hour

Aria unassisted sort off-peak

$40 per hour

Sort setup for assisted sort


Assisted sort setup for unassisted sort


Sony SH800 assisted sorting

$65 per hour

Sony SH800 unassisted sort

$10 per hour

Sony SH800 chip (added to each appointment)


LSR II/Fortessa assisted

$100 per hour

LSR II/Fortessa unassisted

$45 per hour

CantoII/Attune assisted

$80 per hour

CantoII/Attune unassisted

$25 per hour

ImageStreamX MarkII assisted

$100 per hour

ImageStreamX MarkII unassisted

$45 per hour



$20 per run


$15 per hour

Workstation assisted

$60 per hour

Workstation unassisted

$5 per hour

Analyzer class



Peak hours are from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You are not required to use all of your reserved time. If you finish before the end of your unassisted reserved time, please email ccsc@bcm.edu at the time you finish and ask for the appointment to be shortened.

External users (non-profit academic institutions) are charged the cost shown above.

External users (for-profit companies) are charged 1.585x the cost shown above.


Flow Rates for Sorters


Fees and Cancellations


Assisted Charges: cost of instrument assisted/hour (Minimum 1 hour charge or 1/2 the time reserved for the appointment if greater than 2 hours)

*Cancellation within 24 hours of a technician-assisted appointment will still be billed a minimum 1 hour charge or 1/2 the time reserved for the appointment if greater than 2 hours

Before/After Hours Assistance: Upon request with an additional charge per appointment, please contact ccsc@bcm.edu.


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