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Genomic and RNA Profiling Core

Media Component
Illumina iSeq 100 Sequencer

New Illumina iSeq 100 Sequencer Installed


Our new low-throughput sequencer is ideally suited to run small projects such as pilot studies and target captures, and can be used to evaluate library quality and yield before large NovaSeq runs.

Media Component
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

New Service: Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing


One-stop workflow. Submit your genomic DNA; we will take care of bisulfite conversion, library prep and sequencing. More information and performance data in our ABRF poster presentation.


About the Core


The Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (GARP) provides access to state-of-the-art genomic profiling technology and services, including:

  • Sequencing only- Standalone sequencing of user-prepped samples as opposed to samples that go through library prep and sequencing in house.
  • Library prep
  • Next Gen Sequencing on our Illumina platforms (iSeq 100, NextSeq 500 and NovaSeq 6000)
  • Nanostring nCounter Technology
  • Sample Quality Control
  • Nucleic acid shearing on the Covaris
  • DNA size selection on the Pippin HT
  • Consultation
  • Primary Data Processing & Analysis

We provide a secure web-based online environment for service requests, sample tracking, data management and billing in our LIM system: GSLE


Core Resource


Information for Acknowledgement of Cores in Publications


Core name: Genomic & RNA Profiling Core
Personnel: Daniel C. Kraushaar, Ph.D., Technical Director, Rene Stalnaker, Md Habibul Islam, Ornella Tuekam, Emily Ricco, Research Staff
Grants supporting the core: P30 Digestive Disease Center Support Grant (NIDDK-DK56338) and P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI-CA125123), NIH S10 grant (1S10OD02346901).

The associated centers should adhere to these additional acknowledgement instructions.

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