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Policies and Guidelines


All projects require submission of a request for project (RFP) application that will be reviewed for feasibility, appropriateness for the available technology platforms, cancer relevance and scientific merit. A meeting is required with core personnel and principal investigator to design the project. Approved RFPs will be prioritized and scheduled accordingly. The estimation and payment of the project will be processed by iLab system.


Rules and Requirements for Collection and Submission of Samples


Guidelines for All Samples:


We accept live cells in culture dish or freshly collected animal tissue on wet ice
- Core also provides large volume of cell culture upon request with extra charge.

After optimization, the selected antibodies are to be provided by Investigator. A minimum of 5 ug of antibody per immunoprecipitation (IP) is required.

Detailed sample information including target protein, cell type (tissue type), origin of sample should emailed to Sung Jung (msproteomicscore@bcm.edu)


Cell Line Preparation:


Bring culture cells in culture plate in the morning of scheduled experiment day.

A minimum amount of sample
- Immunopurification: *0.5 ml of packed cells is required per each experiment.
* The total cell number will be vary depend on cell size. In the case of HeLa cells, it’s equivalent with
two million cells. Researchers are responsible to measure harvested cell volume.

- Protein profiling service: 100K cells (20ug) are required per each experiment.

Researchers need to provide required number of dishes to delivery the total cells required.

No other materials are required for submission.




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