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Molecular and Cellular Biology Tissue Culture Core Laboratory


Services Offered

  • Maintaining Cultured Cell Lines
  • Plating of Requested Cells (96 wells up to 15 cm plates)
  • Mycoplasma Testing
  • STR Analysis Profile (Cell Line DNA Fingerprinting) samples are sent to a collaborating lab
  • Training on Culturing & Maintenance of Growing Cell Lines
  • Cell Culture Medium (GIBCO) & Custom Specialty Medium
  • FBS & Charcoal Stripped FBS
  • Reagents & Specialty supplements for media preparation
  • Tissue Culture Disposable Plasticware
  • Single Cell Cloning
  • Primary Cell Culture
  • Frozen Cell Vial from our Library

Core Equipment

  • Nikon Bright Field and Florescent Microscope with Camera and imaging software
  • Inverted Microscope with Digital Camera
  • Cell Countess (imaging and cell counter)
  • Osmometer
  • 50 cubic feet of incubator and sterile-hood workspace (P2 Lab)

Location and Contact


Baylor College of Medicine, Main Campus
Building: BCM Michael DeBakey Center
Tissue Culture Room: M522
Lab/Office Room: M521

Phone: 713-798-6236
Email: tccmail@bcm.edu

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