Department of Pediatrics

Fellow Life - Second-Year


Alex Alali, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I wanted to learn from the experts and leaders in pediatric cardiology. Being fortunate to have completed residency here at Texas Children's Hospital, I was able to appreciate the caliber of faculty, as well as their kindness and willingness to teach including cardiology, ICU, and surgery. 
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: Working and learning with the best in the field. 
Career goals /ambitions: Cardiac intensivist 
This surprised me about Houston: Housing was actually very affordable. Bought a house as a solo first year fellow. 
Outside of work, I spend my time: Carpentry, running, carpentry, adventure.
Significant others/pets: Kimberley
Hometown: Victoria, Texas

Emily Backes, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: Clinical volume - training is best time to get exposure to everything. Location - fellowship is hard wherever you are. Do it in a place you'll have support!
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: My phenomenal co-fellows ! They are bomb and the best people I have ever met.
Career goals /ambitions: To have exceptional clinical knowledge and judgement in whichever field I choose, and to be a tireless patient/family advocate.
This surprised me about Houston: The humidity! I haven't had a good hair day in two years.
Outside of work, I spend my time: frequenting Houston's many breweries/beer gardens/patios, bullying my co-fellows into running with me, cycling on our extensive trail system, and facilitating fellowship social events (ask Judson who makes the best margarita).
Significant others/pets: I have several houseplants I struggle to keep alive.
Hometown: Marshalltown, Iowa

Lindsay Eilers, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I chose the BCM/TCH Cardiology fellowship because of the people. When I visited, I learned that not only did this fellowship have exceptional leaders in every field, but also the faculty and the fellows are incredibly smart, hardworking and most importantly fun people!
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: My co-fellows! We have so much fun together in the fellows’ office and also outside of work. 
Career goals /ambitions: Interventional Cardiology 
This surprised me about Houston: Each section of the city has its own personality and feels like a small town.
Outside of work, I spend my time: With my son and my husband. We love spending time outdoors.
Significant others/pets:My husband, my son and our 30-pound cat Otis.
Hometown: Houston, Tx

Tyler Fick, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: The reputation of the facility in combination with the great people I met on the interview drew me to Texas Children's Hospital. I wanted a facility that would keep me busy and give me the chance to learn by doing primarily, which Texas Children's has definitely given me.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The co-fellows, hands-down! We quickly became more of a family than coworkers, and that trend continues. We spend time together outside of work, out to dinner or to explore Houston, or go on trips together.
Career goals /ambitions: 4th-year in imaging with a focus on Fetal, TEE as well as cardiogenetics. I also hope to be involved in general cardiology and CICU consults after finishing training.
This surprised me about Houston: The food scene is great! Tex Mex is good and all, but there's many other really good options here. The Indian food and the Thai food specifically is outstanding.
Outside of work, I spend my time: I like to explore the parks in the Montrose and Rice Village area, the running trails are great for that! Also love spending time with the co-fellows as well. Traveling when there is free time, Houston is a really good travel hub with two major airports. I love to get involved with the Houston Sports scene whenever I can.
Significant others/pets: None
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Vincent Gonzalez, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I wanted to train at a large institution with high volume and exposure to the full breadth of congenital heart disease. I felt that Texas Children's Hospital would allow me to learn by seeing and doing, in addition to being around a great group of hard-working professionals. 
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: I enjoy the teamwork mentality at Texas Children's and working with my fantastic group of co-fellows.
Career goals /ambitions: I am planning to pursue advanced training in adult congenital heart disease and will likely stay within clinical academia.
This surprised me about Houston: Being from California and having lived in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast, I was a bit wary about moving to the Lone Star State. However, my family and I were pleasantly surprised at the affordability, diverse restaurant scene, and seasonable weather (for at least half of the year when it's not swelteringly hot).
Outside of work, I spend my time: Playing with my three children and spending time with my wife, working on my golf game, and attempting to be a mixologist by trying new cocktail recipes.
Significant others/pets: Wife (Kristen), sons (Cruz, Maxwell), daughter (Rose)

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Kevin Wilkes, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I chose this program mostly because of the people. I did my residency here and knew the fellows and attendings are some of the most intelligent and friendly cardiologists there are. It’s a referral center where, as a fellow, I could see a large volume of both common and rare pathology and get plenty of hands-on experience.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: My co-fellows are amazing. They are a compassionate, brilliant, and hilarious group of people that I learn from every day. I know I can count on them, inside and outside the hospital.
Career goals /ambitions: Advanced imaging
Outside of work, I spend my time: Primarily exploring Houston restaurants or hanging out with my co-fellows. 
Significant others/pets: My wife Jeanne and I have a 12 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix, Annabelle.
Hometown: Shreveport, LA