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Psychiatry and Behavioral Grand Rounds



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January 2020 Jan. 1: No Grand Rounds Jan 8: Psychiatric Disorders: Biomarkers, Biotypes, and Mechanisms Jan. 15: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Palliative Care Jan. 22: Screening and Treatment for Depression in Youth Jan. 29: Assessment and Management of Suicidality with Adolescent and Emerging


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December 2019 Dec. 4: The 4 Ts of Loneliness: Innovative Approaches to Healthy Care of the Lonely Patient Dec. 11: Medical, Cognitive, and Psychological Issues Affecting People Living with HIV Dec. 18: Faculty Meeting Dec. 25: No Grand Rounds  
November 2019 Nov. 6: The Secrets of Sleep: Safety, Health, and Wellbeing Nov. 13: Culturally Informed Care: A Focus on Veterans Nov. 20: Bipolar Disorders: From Brain Mechanisms to Therapeutic Interventions Nov. 21: No Grand Rounds  
October 2019

Oct. 2: Suicide Survivorship: Practical Tips for Facilitating Insight, Recovery, and Possible Growth in the Context of Suicidal Grief

Oct. 9: An Overview of Human Sexual Functioning: The Sexual Response Cycle, Common Concerns, and Starting the Conversation with Patients

Oct. 16: The Schoolar Lecture in Psychopharmacology

Oct. 23: A Psycho-Oncology Perspective on Prostate Cancer

Oct. 30: It's Raining (Emotional Support Letter Requests for) Cats and Dogs: How to Approach the Growing Requests for Emotional Support Animals

September 2019

Sept. 4: The Psychiatric Treatment of Physicians: A 40-Year Retrospective

Sept 11: Preparing for the Next Storm, Collaborating with the City of Houston
to Evaluate Aspects of Emergency Mental Health Utilization Following
Hurricane Harvey

Sept 18: Faculty Meeting

Sept. 25: Cognitive Aging: What Every Mental Health Worker Should Know


June 2019

June 5: Mindfulness and Mediation: Reflections on Education's Role in Clinical Practice

June 12: Therapeutic Assessment: A Mentalizing Approach

June 19:

Psychology Paul Baer Research Award Winner

Anxiety Sensitivity: Development and Validation of a Bio-behavioral Measure of a Transdiagnostic Risk Factor Within a Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Framework



May 2019

May 1: Transitioning Youth with Autism into Adult Outpatient Treatment: Barriers and Challenges

May 8: A Habitat for Healing: The Role of Environment and Architecture in Mental Health Care

May 15: The John P. McGovern Award Lectureship in The Art and Science of Medicine: The Science of Discrimination: An Unexamined Social Determinant of Health

May 22: No Grand Rounds

May 29: Faculty Meeting

April 2019

April 3: Why People Die By Suicide

April 10: Drugs in Sport

April 17: Psychotherapy Supervision: A process within a process

April 24:

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Not Enuf


March 2019

March 6: The Impact of Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination in an Academic Medical Center

March 13: Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT): From then to Now

March 20: Why Aren’t We Doing Better at Suicide Prevention? Ideas from 35 Years as a Clinician and Researcher

March 27: Risks and Benefits of Involuntary Commitment in Treatment for Attempted Suicide


February 2019

Feb. 6: Pharmacogenetic testing in Psychiatry: Ethical Dimensions

Feb. 13: Overcoming Ageism and Racism in the Care of Older Adults

Feb. 20: Contributions to American Psychiatry by Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller

Feb. 27: Faculty Meeting


January 2019

Jan. 2: No Grand Rounds

Jan. 9: The Role of Family Caregivers in Mental Health Care: Findings from a Photovoice Collaboration with Military Caregivers

Jan. 16: Health Literacy: Research and Practice in Mental Health


Jan. 23: Rethinking Thin: What Makes an Eating Disorder and What Psychiatrists Need to Know

Jan. 30: Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders



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December 2018

Faculty Meeting

Dec. 12: Hiding in Plain Sight: Child Trafficking and a City’s Effort to Identify
and Protect

Dec. 19: Having Impact Outside of Our Typical Roles as Mental Health Professionals

Dec. 26: No Grand Rounds


November 2018 Nov. 7: Implementing the Coordinated Anxiety Learning and Management (CALM) Protocol in VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinics

Nov. 14: Canceled



Nov. 21: No Grand Rounds

Nov. 28: The System Is Broken: Creating Integrated Adult and Children’s Mental Health Systems
The System Is Broken: Creating Integrated Adult and Children’s Mental Health Systems


October 2018 Oct. 3: V-STOP II: A Pilot Study on Comprehensive Behavioral Self-Management Treatment for Underserved Stroke Survivors in Texas Oct. 10: LGBTQ Health Disparities: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know Oct. 17: Ethical Considerations in the Care of Gender Diverse Youth Oct. 24: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Oct. 31: Psychotherapeutic Hospital Treatment

September 2018



Sept. 5: The Spectrum of Obsessive-Compulsive Phenomena Sept. 12: Evidence-Based Practice in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: Promoting Recovery with Psychosocial Interventions Evidence-Based Practice in the Treatment of Schizophrenia: Promoting Recovery with Psychosocial Interventions

Sept. 19: Neurostimulation Approaches for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Sept. 26: Faculty Meeting

June 2018

June 6: Solid Organ Transplant: Mental Health Clinicians’ Roles and Dilemmas

June 13: Trauma and Its consequences through the Lens of the Hunger Games

June 20: Psychology Paul Baer Research Award Winner-Anxiety and Smoking in Epilepsy: Improving Awareness and Treatment of Behavioral Health Issues in Neurological Conditions



May 2018

May 2: Can Antidepressants Make Our Patients Suicidal?

May 9: No Grand Rounds

May 23: Faculty Meeting

May 30: A Diagnostic Discussion Evaluating the Requirements for ADHD: Lore vs. Literature (ADDERALL)


April 2018

April 4: Apps in Healthcare: what do clinicians need to know? A multidisciplinary perspective from clinicians and engineering

April 11: Borderline Features in Youth with Bipolar Spectrum Disorders

April 18: The Joan and Stanford Alexander Annual Award in Psychiatry: Informing Federal Healthcare Policy: The Role of Psychiatry.

April 25: Diverting Back Again: getting our patients out of the Criminal Justice System and into care


March 2018

March 7: Pediatric Electronic Gaming Addiction and ADHD.

March 14: Ruth Hutton Fred Lecture: Young Adult & Adolescent Suicide: A Jewish Response

March 21: Integrated Care Series-Antipsychotics and Metabolic Syndrome


March 28: Rescheduled Due to McNair and Jamail's Unavailability.


February 2018

Feb. 7: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: a transdiagnostic behavioral intervention for mental health and medical conditions

Feb. 14: The Ethical Aspects of Involuntary Commitment

Feb. 21: Glutamatergic and Inflammatory Mechanisms for Experimental Interventions in Suicide Prevention


Feb. 28: Faculty Meeting


January 2018

Jan. 3: Violence in Healthcare: Preventing and Responding to Patient Violence

Jan. 10: Faculty Meeting

Jan. 17: Apps in Healthcare: What do clinicians need to know? A multidisciplinary perspective from clinicians and engineering.

Jan. 24: The John P. McGovern Award Lectureship in The Art and Science of Medicine:

Beyond Survival: Burnout, Wellbeing, and Professionalism in Medicine.


Jan. 31: The Psychiatrist as Part of the Healthcare System:

On the Horns of a Dilemma.



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Week 5

December 2017

Dec. 6: Chronic Pain Management: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Dec. 13: Poverty and Its Effects on Health

Dec. 20: No Grand Rounds

Dec. 27: No Grand Rounds


November 2017

Nov. 1: Chronic Pornography Use and Other Sexual Excesses:
A Guide for Clinicians

Nov. 8: The Schoolar Lecture in Psychopharmacology. Targeting Glutamate in Psychiatric Disease

Nov. 15: Translational Research to Enhance Neuromodulation Antidepressant

Nov. 22: No Grand Rounds

Nov. 29: Mechanisms of Timing and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior

October 2017

Oct. 4: Ethical Considerations in Using Hallucinogens for Psychiatric Treatment

Oct. 11: Bridging the gap: Early detection and intervention for borderline personality disorder

Oct. 18: Faculty Meeting

Oct. 25: OCD: Optimal Treatment



September 2017

Sept. 6: The Decline and Fall of Privacy in Mental Health Practice

Sept. 13: New Research on the Alternative Model for DSM-5 Personality Disorders

Sept. 20: Dissociative Experiences in a Clinical Sample of Children from Preschool to
Teenage Years. Some Empirical Findings.

Sept. 27: Meeting Patients Where They Are: Video Telehealth into the Home for
Mental Health Treatment


June 2017

June 7: Post-Stroke Depression: Where do we go now?

June 14: Lessons Learned in Academic Psychiatry and Project Development in the Clinician Educator Track

June 21: Health Issues Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and the Development of a Brief Psychological Treatment

This concludes the Grand Rounds series for this academic year. Grand Rounds will resume Sept. 6, 2017. Have a safe, happy, and productive summer.


May 2017

May 3: The Ups and Downs of Uppers: Iatrogenic Stimulant Addiction in America

May 10: Recordkeeping: The Busy Intersection of Compliance, Risk Management, Ethics and Privacy

May 17: Faculty Meeting

May 24: No Grand Rounds
American Psychiatric Association Meeting

May 31: Mental Health Implications of Maternity Leave Policy

April 2017

April 5: “Thanks for the hospitality, but I think I’ll be going now.” A forensic perspective on the AMA discharge in psychiatry.

April 12: Psychosocial Predictors of and Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

April 19: Three Revolutions in Psychiatry

April 26: Is it really all about the bugs in the guts when it comes to depression? Finish your yogurt as your mamma has always said!


March 2017

March 1: The Role of Emotion Dysregulation in Clinical Outcomes for Hospitalized Adults With Serious Mental Illness

March 8: Clinical Neurobiology of Suicide

March 15: Wisdom in Unexpected Places: Children’s Literature as Source of Moral Meaning and Target of Psychological Inquiry

March 22: The Heart of the Matter: Attachment, Mentalizing, and Epistemic Trust in the Treatment of Couples

March 29: Emerging Illicit Substances

February 2017

Feb. 1: Something More: Ideals of American Motherhood

Feb. 8: Child Murder by Parents: The Physician’s Role in the Aftermath of Tragedy

Feb. 15: “Can you Fill This Out For Me?” – Ethical Responding in Disability and Other Legal Arenas

Feb. 22: Faculty Meeting


January 2017

Jan. 4: Use of Media in Psychiatry Education

Jan. 11: A Conference Method of Helping Preschool Children

Jan. 18: Bridging the Gap: Early Detection and Intervention for Borderline Personality Disorder

Jan. 25: Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: A Combat Veteran Case Study




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Week 5

December 2016

Dec. 7: Faculty Meeting

Dec. 14: Psychiatrists Do Cry: Addressing Physician Grief and Burnout

Dec. 21: No Grand Rounds
Happy Holidays!

Dec. 28: No Grand Rounds
Happy Holidays!


November 2016

Nov. 2: Contribution of Cholinergic Receptors and Signaling to Depression and Aggression

Nov. 9: Plant, Endogenous, & Synthetic Cannabinoids: A Brief Medical & Legal History

Nov. 16: Recognising Epistemic Mistrust in Borderline Personality Disorder

Nov. 23: No Grand Rounds
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 30: Approaches to Treatment Resistant OCD

October 2016

Oct. 5: The Opiate Epidemic: What Price for Pain Management

Oct. 12: Ethical Foundations of Psychotherapy

Oct. 19: A Global Perspective of Psychiatry: Past and Present

Oct. 25: Suicide In Older Adults: Special Risk Factors and Implications for Practice


September 2016

Sept. 7: Borderline Personality Disorder and Countertransference: a 40-year Retrospective

Sept. 14: Assigning Fiduciaries to Manage Funds, a Clinical-Legal Decision, informed by Data

Sept. 21: Metacognitive Deficits in Severe Mental Illness: Implications for Emerging Models of Wellness and Recovery

Sept. 28: Faculty Meeting