COVID-19 Response

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Center Committees


Faculty Professionalism Peer Review Committee


The Faculty Professionalism Peer Review Committee supports the Baylor College of Medicine affiliated hospital peer review efforts with improved communication, consistent policies and procedures to address lapses in professional behavior, relevant information on shared faculty members and collaboration on selected disciplinary matters.


Liaison Committee


The Liaison Committee for the Center for Professionalism supports and promotes the center’s mission by:

  • Representing the interests and concerns of identified stakeholders
  • Facilitating communication about center initiatives, activities and events
  • Providing leadership in educational, research and clinical efforts that advance professionalism and professional identity formation
  • Recognizing exemplary behavior and communication

Cup of Coffee Ambassadors


Professionalism ambassadors reflect professionalism in their daily activities, support all of the missions of the center and participate in the cup of coffee counseling for members of the Baylor community who have demonstrated minor lapses in professionalism.