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Request Accommodations


A disability is understood to be any impairment that substantially limits an individual in one or more major life activity (e.g. walking, seeing, hearing, and learning). Baylor College of Medicine applicants and students with medically documented permanent or temporary disabilities may request accommodation through Student Disability Services.

Appropriate documentation will be required from any applicant or student requesting accommodations for examinations, the performance of course work, laboratories, or clinical duties.

The student disability coordinator and/or the student disability committee evaluate all requests. The student disability committee consists of the student disability services coordinator, seven faculty members and six student members representing each of the academic units. The committee is charged with supporting the student disability coordinator in reviewing requests, rendering decisions on the implementation of reasonable accommodations and educating the Baylor community on assisting students with disabilities.


Documentation Guidelines


The following documentation guidelines are provided to assist applicants, students and medical providers with submitting appropriate, complete and current information to be considered when evaluating a request for accommodation. Applicable federal laws indicate that the diagnosis of a disorder or impairment alone does not qualify an individual for accommodation, therefore applicants and students with medically diagnosed permanent or temporary disabilities must submit documentation from a qualified medical evaluator verifying the stated disability. Additionally, documentation should include specific recommendations for accommodations based on the diagnosed disability with the understanding that Baylor maintains the authority to determine what constitutes reasonable accommodation.

Documentation and questions may be submitted to Baylor College of Medicine Student Disability Services. See the contact information in the sidebar for disability accommodation requests.

See the following guideline documents by topic below:


Office Hours:


8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday - Friday with the option for afterhours appointments