School of Medicine

Chapter Leadership


Alpha Omega Alpha Leadership - Texas Beta Chapter


Dr. Amy Schutt, M.D.

Faculty Executive Committee:
Bindi Naik, M.D. Associate Councilor for Residents and Fellows
Christina Weng, M.D., MBA Associate Councilor for Research Affairs
Joseph Kass, M.D., JD Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Lee Poythress, M.D. Assistant Deans for Student Affairs
Andrea Stolar, M.D. Assistant Deans for Student Affairs
Claire Bocchini, M.D.
Andrew Caruso, M.D.
Donald Donovan, M.D.
Sandi Lam, M.D.
James Lomax, M.D.
Martha Mims, M.D., Ph.D.
Tamara Ortiz Perez, M.D.
Eric Silberfein, M.D.
Teri Turner, MD, MPH, MEd

Yvette Pinales

Student AΩA Chairs:
Rohit Gupta

Ramesh Ghanta

Special Projects Chairs: Ziba Colah and Katherine Dong

Tutoring Chairs: Sydney Wendt, Kaelyn Cummins, Bryan Hickner

Pre-Clinical Review Chairs: Alex Alexander and Mary Tillman

Clinical Review Chairs: Karl Lundin, Laura Keenahan

Study Materials Chairs: Fernando Centeno, Brady Slater

Outreach Chair: Miguel Franquiz

Communications and Colloquium Chairs: Cynthia Truong, Warren Chan, Riyad Seervai

COVID Support Communities Chairs: Katherine Naeger, Trevor Jamison, Louisa Liu, Elaine Dong