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School of Medicine

ENTerest Group


Are you ENTerested in ENT? This is the perfect organization for you to explore! ENT stands for Ear, Nose, Throat, which refers to the specialized field of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery. ENTerest Group aims to bring together medical students who share a passion for head & neck anatomy as well as a desire for a career blending both surgery and medicine. This is our platform to build a network with colleagues, residents, and faculty for volunteering, shadowing, research opportunities, and much more!

The ENTerest Group's main goals are to teach medical students about otolaryngology as a specialty and to provide resources to students who wish to pursue a residency in otolaryngology. We offer the following opportunities and services:

  • Host lectures with speakers from the Baylor otolaryngology department
  • Organize workshops that teach students skills relevant to otolaryngology, such as flexible laryngoscopy
  • Provide students with the communication channels to become more involved in various otolaryngology activities (research, shadowing, etc.).


President: Nicole Alexander, nicole.alexander@bcm.edu
Internal Vice President: Michael Shih, michael.shih@bcm.edu
External Vice President: Sydney Sasche, sydney.sasche@bcm.edu
Treasurer: Wynne Zhang, wynne.zhang@bcm.edu