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School of Medicine

Student Rounds


Student Rounds exposes pre-clinical students to the process of clinical decision making early in their training through "Morning Report" style cases. Our meetings allow students to gain experience creating a differential diagnosis, assessment, and plan prior to clinical rotations. Each session will focus on a different core specialty (Internal Medicine, Surgery, OB/GYN , and more) to expose students to the different approaches each specialty has to decision making. We hope to accomplish our goals in an environment that encourages active participation and learning. Through these sessions, we aim to ease the transition from pre-clinical student to clinical student.


Leadership Committee:

Margaret Lie, mlie@bcm.edu

Brittan Armstrong, brittan.elliott@bcm.edu

Sugi Panneerselvam, sugi.panneerselvam@bcm.edu

Amber Song, yuchen.song@bcm.edu

Julio Ruiz, julio.ruiz@bcm.edu