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Effect of Nutritional Supplements on Cell Function and Metabolism (H-29575)



The purpose of this study is to identify specific and sensitive biomarkers of obesity and diabetes that cause increased risk for heart disease and diabetes in healthy and obese subjects and to test in the laboratory if nutritional supplements can reduced this risk. You will be asked to:

* Answer questions about your general health.

* Spend 30 minutes at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital on two occasions. On the baseline screening visit, you will sign a consent form and blood will be drawn after an overnight fast. On the second visit, again after an overnight fast, we will obtain your blood for our study. You may also be asked to provide a stool sample.

You will be compensated $30 for your completed participation in this study (pro-rated as $10 for the screening visit and $10 for the second visit and $10 for providing the stool sample as gift cards).

For more information, please contact Sridevi Devaraj, Ph.D., at (832) 826-1717 (leave a message) or email


S. Devaraj

Phone 1: 832–826–1717

Phone 2: 832–826–1717

IRB: H-29575




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