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Laser Tissue Welding - Distal Pancreatectomy Sealing Study (H-41021)



Phase I Feasibility Trial To Study The Safety Of Sealing Resected Pancreatic Surfaces After Partial Distal Pancreatectomy Using Laser Tissue Welding

The laser tissue welding device is intended for use in patients requiring sealing of the pancreas after partial pancreatectomy, and including those patients who are fully heparinized or have hemodilutional coagulation failure.

The hypothesis is that the laser tissue welding device is safe and effective in sealing the pancreas, thereby decreasing the blood loss (operative and post-operative), and pancreatic juice leakage for patients when the Laser Tissue Welding device is used after pancreatic resection.

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Omar Barakat, M.D.

Phone 1: 713–798–1037

IRB: H-41021




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