Baylor College of Medicine

NanoPac Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer (H-41433)



Phase IIa Trial Evaluating the Safety of Intratumoral Injection of NanoPac in Subjects With Locally Advanced Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

This study will examine the safety and tolerability of NanoPac in patients with pancreatic cancer. Approximately five sites in the U.S. are participating. If you are over 18 and have pancreatic cancer you may qualify for this study.

Participation in this clinical study will last for about seven months and during this time you will be asked to visit the study center up to eight times. You will have seven office visits and one procedure visit for NanoPac to be injected into the tumor itself. Assessments will be performed at all study visits by the study doctor to monitor your health


  • Compensation provided for travel and parking expenses
  • Investigational medication provided at no charge
  • Study-related visits and assessments at no charge


Abdalaziz Tabash

Phone 1: 713–798–3606

IRB: H-41433




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