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ICare: Improving Care for Cancer Survivors (H-43629)



Currently, there are over 15.5 million individuals who either have cancer or have had a history of cancer, and this population continues to grow rapidly. Cancer survivors have unique healthcare needs including greater risk for organ toxicity and developing new cancers, which requires coordinated follow-up care after treatment completion. Survivorship care planning focuses on the transition from active cancer treatment to a coordinated and comprehensive care system to address survivors' unique needs. Despite the receptivity of survivors and providers toward survivorship care plans, implementation has proven challenging. Hence this study addresses the need to clarify system, provider and survivor-level facilitators of survivorship care plans implementation/use to guide future rollout efforts.

Specific aims of this study are to:

  • Understand the needs and preferences of cancer survivors and their informal caregivers regarding the delivery of survivorship care at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Evaluate existing survivorship care planning efforts at the Duncan Cancer Center.
  • Understand healthcare provider, administrator needs and preferences regarding the delivery of survivorship care and to identify barriers, facilitators and available resources to support survivorship care at the Duncan Cancer Center.

Findings will shed light on ways to improve survivorship care for our patients by developing feasible objectives, identifying practical strategies for achieving those objectives, and establishing metrics to evaluate and demonstrate progress to enhance sustainability.

This project is funded by the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30) Pilot Funds.


Dr. Hoda Badr

Phone 1: 713–440–4400

IRB: H-43629




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