GARP Sample Submission Guidelines


Genesifter Lab Edition (GSLE)


The Genomic and RNA Profiling Core Facility is proud of our online ordering and sample tracking system, GeneSifter Lab Edition (GSLE, GARP's new LIMS database). GSLE allows users to submit requests for service, track the progress of samples, keep track of valuable information for each sample, access data files, and review billing information.


Registration and Login


If you are a Baylor employee, you are already a GSLE user and may log in using your Baylor ECA followed by (e.g., and your Baylor password. Your ECA can be found on the BCM intranet, under Find a Person. GSLE is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and IE9+.

First-time BCM users need to create an iLab account in order for funding to be approved. Be sure your PI has granted you access to the appropriate fund codes. For assistance with iLab, contact the support team: For non-BCM users needing assistance with iLab, contact the support team:

GSLE is now accessible outside of Baylor’s network. New users should register with an institutional email address for their username. Non-institutional email usernames will not be accepted.


Sample Drop-Off


Sample Drop-Off Hours:
Tuesdays 1-3 p.m.
Thursdays 1-3 p.m.

Genomic and RNA Profiling Core
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza - Room 325E
Houston, TX 77030

Requirements for Submission:

1. Users must be registered in GSLE and iLabs.
2. Access GSLE and create a new order and submit. An automated email will be sent to the user.
3. GARP will then create an invoice in iLabs and assign it to your order. Once the order is approved for funding, users will receive an automated email confirming approval. At this time unique IDs have been assigned to the samples within the order. Users can find these unique IDs under the workset link. Users must receive this funding approval confirmation email before bringing samples to the facility.
4. Submit samples only in 1.5 mL microfuge tubes during sample drop off time (core personnel will not accept any other tube format).
5. Label the top of the tube with the unique sample ID that GSLE assigned to each sample.
6. All samples should be transferred to the core on ice.Note: Users interested in picking up samples from the GARP should plan to pick them up on Mondays or Fridays from 1-3 p.m. within two weeks of request completion. Samples will be discarded after two weeks.

Download Sample Sign off Form.