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Children's Nutrition Research Center

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The Hirschi Lab is part of the Children's Nutrition Research Center which houses laboratories of varied disciplines, a vast array of state-of-the-art equipment, a greenhouse, observation labs and accommodations for research volunteers, a metabolic kitchen, and an elite group of scientists conducting groundbreaking research. Visit the CNRC.


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We aspire to understand the basic mechanisms of plant growth and simultaneously leverage this knowledge to impact yield and nutrient content in agriculturally important crops. We utilize a broad based research program that incorporates a variety of model systems to conduct both basic and translational research. A large amount of our work has focused the regulation, and biochemical properties of cation exchanger (CAX) transporters.

Currently, we are excited about discerning their roles in flooding tolerance. What makes the group unique is our ability to leverage our science for nutritional improvements in plants. To create better foods to address global food security issues is a lengthy process; however, it must include rigorous nutritional studies. Our lab has demonstrated the ability to integrate plant biology and nutritional studies using animal and human feeding studies.