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Bone Research Club


About the Bone Club


The Bone Club is an informal group of Bone Program researchers and clinicians that meets to discuss a variety of topics in skeletal biology. The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month for a roundtable discussion and a light dinner. Meetings are by invitation only to the core members of the Bone Disease Program of Texas.


Club Objectives


The objectives for the Bone Research Club are to:

  • Introduce and encourage scientific interaction among clinicians and researchers interested in skeletal biology at MD Anderson and Baylor College of Medicine
  • Provide a forum to discuss exciting new research and/or controversial clinical/ scientific topics in the field
  • Inform and coordinate implementation of new initiatives and grant applications among researchers
  • Foster the scientific and social development of junior researchers

How Do I Become A Bone Club Member?


All inquiries regarding membership to the bone club should be directed to Dr. Brendan Lee.