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Tailored Antibacterials and Innovative Laboratories for phage (Φ) Research


A Baylor College of Medicine initiative empowering clinicians with capable antibacterials to treat the most vulnerable patients.


About the Lab


TAILOR delivers personalized and effective treatments for challenging antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections by cultivating scientific and medical expertise, technology, and innovation to generate an expedited bench-to-bedside pipeline. We TAILOR infection and biocontrol for healthcare, animal care, agricultural and industrial settings.

TAILOR provides personalized solutions for infectious disease and industrial biocontrol. We develop new technologies that facilitate the discovery and evolution of novel phages with enhanced attributes for your unique applications. Through these efforts, we will compile the largest characterized library of therapeutic phages for all major drug resistant bacterial species. TAILOR aims to kick-start an adaptable medicine revolution, wielding the same weapon that empowers diseases to resist traditional treatments: directed change.




TAILOR is a non-profit initiative providing at-cost services designed to help the most pressing medical and industrial needs that are threatened by bacterial infection or contamination. The TAILOR team strives to provide:

  • Safe, targeted antibacterial products that are thoroughly characterized and documented.
  • Quantitative and reproducible results that can be trusted and verified.
  • Transparent collaborations with a team-like culture that meet the specific needs the project requires.
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