Children's Nutrition Research Center

Faculty Labs


Teresa Davis Lab

Item Definition

Dr. Davis' research program focuses on identifying the mechanism by which nutrients, hormones, and growth factors regulate protein deposition in skeletal muscle during early postnatal life.

Kendal Hirschi Lab

Item Definition

The Hirschi Lab studies both model systems biology in plants as well as translational research related to agricultural improvement.

Nancy Moran Lab

Item Definition

The Moran Lab research program seeks to understand how dietary carotenoids impact human health. Carotenoids are a class of colorful orange, red, and yellow compounds found in fruits and vegetables.

Jennette Moreno Lab

Item Definition

The Moreno Lab focuses on the influence of the school year and summer environment on children’s sleep and biological rhythms and the influence of these factors on the seasonal variation of children's growth and development of obesity.

Jeffrey Rosen Lab

Item Definition

The Rosen Lab is focused on defining the mechanisms regulating normal mammary gland development in order to understand the alterations in breast cance with a specific interest in characterizing the role of Wnt and Fgf family members.

Robert Shulman Lab (Pediatric Abdominal Pain Research)

Item Definition

The Robert Shulman Lab (Pediatric Abdominal Pain Research) conducts research studies that are focused on abdominal pain in children that doesn't have a clear cause. 

Robert Waterland Lab

Item Definition

Research in the Waterland Lab aims to understand how nutrition and other environmental influences during prenatal and early postnatal development affect individual susceptibility to various diseases later in life.

Yong Xu Lab

Item Definition

The Xu Lab in interested in novel neural circuits, neurotransmitters and intra-neuronal signals that are critical for coordinated control of body weight, feeding behavior, and glucose balance.


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