Initiate Lentivirus Service


To initiate a lentivirus service, we recommend that you contact us to discuss creation of your lentivirus vector. We can discuss which transfer plasmid is most suited for your application and can answer any questions you may have about the creation process. Once you have decided on a transfer plasmid, we will send an aliquot to you so that you can clone your transgene into the multiple cloning site. Once you clone your gene into the entry plasmid, you will need to prepare 50 ug of the purified plasmid. At this point you will send the plasmid to us and we will create the lentivirus vector. Also include the Service Request Form. We will contact you when the vector is ready to be shipped or picked up. Should you formulate any questions or are interested in the progress of your vector, feel free to contact us at any time.

We have multiple procedures for the transfection of lentivirus:

  • Use Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to produce lentiviral supernatant
  • Use the protocol provided by our clients to do transient transfection of lentivectors
  • Service for concentrated lentiviral supernatant is available

To request a Lentivirus service, fill out the Service Request Form and e-mail it to or return it by fax at (713) 798-1230.

To send us plasmids or vectors for expansion, use the following shipping information:

Vector Development Laboratory
One Baylor Plaza, N1010
Mailstop 505
Houston, TX 77030

(713) 798-1238