Baylor College of Medicine

Emergency Notification


Baylor has implemented an emergency notification system to alert you of a crisis or catastrophic event. To receive critical information via phone, email, and text messaging, you must enter your contact information in the system.


Updating your Emergency Notification System information


To access the system, navigate to the Emergency Notification System log in page. Enter your Baylor email address (example: and ID number. Then, click "Sign In." Once you have logged in, complete the contact form.

When logging in to the system, please note the following:

  • If your badge number has five digits, please add a zero before the first number.
  • The primary email address requested on the log in page is your BCM "Log-in ID" email, e.g.,
  • Do not use "tmc" in the email address.
  • Do not use your firstname.lastname formatted email address.
  • You do not need to provide your home address.

Self-Help Resources


Additionally, you can view or download guides and read answers to frequently asked questions on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions